A GENEROUS Alloa woman plans to provide hot meals to some of the Wee County's most isolated residents every weekend from this month forward.

Marion Levett will cook and then deliver Sunday dinners to five people in the Alloa area, in a bid to tackle social isolation among the elderly.

The 57-year-old, who used to be a community worker, claims she decided to set up the scheme after seeing the extent of the problem through her work.

She told the Advertiser: "I worked in the community with the elderly and disabled for years.

"[I saw] the need, not just in Clackmannanshire but all over, because there's a lot of elderly people who have no family or friends, and who are isolated."

Marion also remembered working with countless people who were surviving off of microwaved meals every day of the week.

So, she plans to cook for a handful of them for the foreseeable future, so they can enjoy some fresh food and company at least once every week.

She said: "The scheme will start the first week in October, so they're getting hot, freshly cooked meals during wintertime.

"I've got a full list of five people signed up to receive them; I can only accommodate five people at the moment, due to my job."

While Marion will be shouldering the costs and the effort of the scheme, the Women4women charity she used to run has offered their support, if needed.

She has also received offers of support from several Wee County residents, and said she would always be happy to accept help in running the service.

Marion also hopes that her scheme will set an example to others in the community to reach out and support those in need.

She said: "I just feel there's a lot of people going unnoticed.

"It's something a lot of community members could be doing.

"I know it's difficult for families, but coming up with the idea for doing a meal is something that every family could be doing."

And far from being a temporary service, Marion hopes to continue her hot meal deliveries for as long as she can.

When asked how long it will run for, she confidently said: "It will last as long as I last."