SIGNIFICANT amounts of cannabis were seized in the Wee County last week as local police continue to act on community intelligence.

A total of around £4,500 worth of the illicit substance was recovered, alongside about £3,500 of money, when officers executed warrants in Tullibody, Alloa and Alva.

Last week's finds added to a £90,000 tally for this year, the figure includes various substances from herbal cannabis through cocaine to heroin.

Inspector Mark Murphy at Alloa Police Station told the Advertiser the aim is to target dealers in the local area during operations.

Speaking of the action last week, he said: "The community policing team executed three drugs warrants; one in Tullibody, one in Alva and one in Alloa over the course of the week.

"As a result of this, from one we recovered £1,000 worth of herbal cannabis, one of the other houses we recovered a small amount of cannabis resin and we also confiscated about £3,500 of money.

"[At the third] we recovered £3,500 worth of herbal cannabis.

"It's a significant find in relation to local drug dealing.

"These warrants are related to intelligence we receive from the community; here in Clackmannanshire we are actively targeting drug dealers and will continue to do so."

The inspector added a "large number" of warrants have been executed over the year, these also included cannabis cultivations where 93 plants, valued at £28,500, were found.

In total this year so far, before last week's operations, £17,500 worth of herbal cannabis has been recovered.

There was also £13,500 worth of cocaine, £4,000 of heroin, £7,000 of amphetamines and around £5,000 of Diazepam have been recovered.

Officers have also confiscated £15,000 of cash in the process.

It is not possible to tell how much of the local illicit drug trade the above accounts for, but Inspector Murphy and his colleagues are committed to targeting those involved in the distribution of controlled substances.

He said: "Our intelligence gathering in relation to drugs will continue and we will act on the information provided to us by the community.

"I'd say that over the year, it's significant recoveries in relation to an area as small as Clackmannanshire.

"I'd ask the public to continue provide us with information and we will continue to actively target drug dealers."

The local officer added controlled substances have a negative impact on local communities, but there has been "fantastic" support from locals in tackling the issue.

He concluded: "Hopefully the results we've had reassure the public that we take drug dealing seriously and we do in fact act on the information we receive."