TOILET provision for Wimpy Park in Alloa remains an outstanding issue, but a formal lease has been submitted by members of the community looking to take on the site.

Councillors of the Place Committee will tomorrow hear an update at Clackmannanshire Council on arrangements to transfer the once popular Walled Garden at Pine Grove to the Wimpy Park Community Group.

The only outstanding issue appears to be the lack of toilet facilities on or near the site with the group and local authority working together to solve the problem.

There were hopes that a cleansing storage facility across the road could be used, but this is now not an option "due to the condition of the unit and also because the facility continues to be required by the council's cleansing services" – according to documents to be laid before councillors.

Another possibility had included the relocation of Portaloos to the site, but council papers say the group was unwilling to accept that as a solution.

Two other options, including a vision from the group to convert and refurbish 15 lockup garages in Pine Grove, will be detailed in the council chambers tomorrow.

However, there appears to be no feasible solution as yet, with council officers saying they do not feel any of the current options would represent value for money.

What is being suggested in council documents is that funding is sought outwith the local authority's general fund revenue budget.

The two options include the lease or purchase of a portable modular toilet building for the park, and could cost more than £8,000 to buy outright.

However, there would be additional installation costs, upkeep, planning regulations would come into play and, if permanent electrical and sewer connections are required, the works could come to £40,000.

Converting the lockups could bring "very significant" costs, up to a whopping £143,000.

The document to be considered by councillors at the Thursday, September 12, meeting concluded: "The options considered in the paper range in cost from an estimated £40,000 to £143,000.

"Officers do not consider that these options represent best value and are unable to recommend them."

If agreed in its current form, the lease for the park itself would run for 19 years less one day. Should a lease of more than 20 years be agreed, the Wimpy Park group would need to cover Land Registry costs.

At the start of the summer, it was already agreed that the rent would be £1 per annum and the lease contains break clauses every five years so either party can end the agreement.