A WOMAN from the Wee County whose life was saved by a double lung transplant was promoting organ donations on the streets of Alloa last week.

Lisa Hertwig, who battled cystic fibrosis before a vital operation in 2016, was keen to spread the word at a stall during the Alloa First Friday Market.

One interesting issue a number of passers by brought up was around the donation of eyes which many are unsure of at first, perhaps due to how a person may appear at their funeral.

It is an important topic to tackle ahead of the opt-out system being introduced in Scotland in a year and Lisa was encouraging people to speak to their families about their wishes.

Lisa told the Advertiser: "Some people say: 'I'd donate everything, but I wouldn't donate my eyes'.

"They do actually put replacement eyes in and the eyes are covered.

"So, if you are going to see a loved before they are buried or cremated – I think people think that their eyes may be sunken in.

"But, it relatively looks normal on the outside."

Since her recovery from her double lung transplant, the 28-year-old Alloa resident has participated in the British Transplant Games and she continues to campaign in a push for more organ donors so other people can also get a new chance at life.

She said: "Despite my life being saved by an organ donor I know that there are still hundreds in Scotland and thousands in the UK that are still waiting on a transplant.

"Today, I've actually spoken to a woman who's been waiting four years for a heart transplant.

"I waited three-and-a-half years so I can total empathise how she's currently feeling.

"I spoke to another gentleman who's had a kidney transplant; I've had a nice mix of people coming today."

Many took forms away to sign up as donors on the day, but Lisa stressed it is important families do have the talk so everyone is clear on the wishes of one another.

Lisa added: "That's what a lot of issues are about at the moment; families are not aware of what their loved ones want, what their wishes are.

"They are having to make a tough decision at a very difficult time, I think by taking that pressure off families, this opt-out system will definitely give that opportunity."

Holding the stall was timely with Organ Donation Week in full swing between September 2 and 8.