ALVA's parks received a much-needed deep clean at the weekend thanks to the area's dedicated community council.

Andrea Harkins, an Alva resident, recently approached Alva Community Council to ask what could be done about the poor state of the play areas in the town's Johnstone Park and the multi-use games area (MUGA) in Cochrane Park.

Together with Andrea, Alva Community Council organised a clean-up day for Saturday, September 7, and were delighted with the response from the community as more than 50 volunteers of all ages turned up in perfect weather conditions to help.

Sandra Rees, of the community council, told the Advertiser: "The hardy bunch worked together to wash play equipment, hoe weeds, riddle and rake sand, collect litter, sweep paths, etc.

"The nearby cenotaph was also cleared of weeds and litter.

"Massive thanks must go to Little Owls Eats and Treats in Alva town centre who sent a donation of sandwich platters at lunchtime for the volunteers who had worked up an appetite and to Alva Co-op for the donation of juice, biscuits and crisps."

Far from resting on their laurels, however, there are a number of plans in place for the future, Sandra explained.

She said: "Alva Community Council have made an application for funding to replace the two broken wooden picnic tables and purchase an additional one for the play area in Johnstone Park.

"The funding would also cover costs of paint for the MUGA, swings, railings, etc, and for wood treatment for the Arboretum.

"The Community Payback Team have promised help with painting and ongoing renovations in the Spring of 2020."