HARDY volunteers behind Tullibody Civic Centre are hoping elected representatives will be able to solve a dilemma by getting a price tag for the building.

Tullibody Community Development Trust (TCDT), which has an operating license for the centre after it was axed by the Clackmannanshire Council, is at a crossroads over the future of the property, calling a meeting last week to discuss a way forward with members.

Arrangements and funds are in place to repair the roof of the out-of-action sports hall, but the operating license means the trust is not allowed to touch that part of the building nor occupy the former library.

The volunteers could sign a lease, but this would legally bind them to repair and renew the premises, first accepting that it is currently fit for purpose.

However, they argue that "chronic underinvestment for over five years" has left the building run down, pointing to a report commissioned by the council in 2014 which indicated some £500,000 was needed to bring the property up to standard.

The trust is now investigating the possibility of full ownership by securing money from the Scottish Land Fund for an outright purchase.

That is only possible if council officers put a price tag on the building, something elected members present at the recent meeting agreed to help with.

Graeme Thompson, of TCDT, said: "The building had suffered from chronic under investment for over five years, whilst under council management.

"TCDT had already invested in the building through both obtaining grants and galvanising local professional volunteers."

Not receiving a quote with a price soon could mean the trust will miss out on once-a-year funding opportunities, meaning a purchase could be delayed into 2020 or beyond.

Councillor George Matchett was one of the elected representatives present who agreed to pursue the matter.

He said: "The Tullibody community Development Trust continues to have my untiring support as we strive to save our Civic Centre for the community and in accord with the community's wishes.

"I will do my very best to assist them to a hopeful successful conclusion."

Cllr Darren Lee also gave his backing and explained he had been "frustrated with the amount of red tape and delays" before, adding the volunteers "really know what's best for our town".

He added: "TCDT have always had my admiration.

"The selfless hours they give up as volunteers and the way they rally the community and consult with them should draw plaudits.

"I would urge the council to come up with a price ASAP so that the trust can finally own the centre and get access to the vital third sector funding they desperately need."

Cllr Helen Lewis was also happy to engage in discussions agreeing to work with both sides to "find the best way forward to keep community facilities available for the people of Tullibody".

A further meeting is expected in a month.