THE local MP provoked a big discussion with young people in Alloa by revealing he would be a half Elf, half Orc mix in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

The pen, paper and dice fantasy role playing game, which usually sees groups gather around a table for hours of adventures, is extremely popular at youth group Connect Alloa where Luke Graham recently visited.

He discussed everything from what happens at Westminster to what his favourite car is and the young people were also keen to learn just what kind of character he would pick for their favourite game.

Savagely graceful or gracefully savage, the elf-orc is a strong choice with many practical benefits but in D&D lore they are often considered abominations and are few and far between.

As previously reported in the Advertiser, Connect Alloa started a few months ago with Dave Crozier behind the idea and a strong team of trustees around him.

Young people meet on Tuesdays and Fridays at St Mungo's Parish Church in a safe space for various demand-led fun activities where everyone from 11 to 19 is welcome.

Mr Graham said: "Dave and team have created a great, welcoming space for these young people who can be themselves without any pressure.

"It was great to get a chance to speak to each of the attendees and answer all their questions.

"It is great to see so many options being made available to the youngsters in attendance, whether it be games, arts and crafts or Dungeons & Dragons.

"I hope to see the group grow over the years and wish Dave and the team all the best."