EAGER fundraisers from Park Primary School and nursery battled the elements at this year's MacTuff event at Knockhill.

The team took to the racing circuit on Sunday, September 29, and raised around £600 for the school.

A total of 21 students, parents and school staff made their way through water and mud, over fields and through wooded areas to make their way to the finishing line.

One of the young competitors even lost both of her shoes to the "shoe graveyard" and had to complete the course in just her socks.

The event follows the success of the MacTuff Girls Big Dirty Day Out sponsored event in May, where two parents and a nursery key worker raised more than £700.

Alison Arnott, Park Family Team chairperson, who took part in Sunday's event, heaped praise on the participants.

She said: "We are so incredibly proud of everyone who took part in this event, especially the children.

"The youngest of our competitors was just five years old and the positive attitude from all the children was just fantastic.

"The adults were finding it tough, but the children just powering through it without complaint or worry is what kept us going.

"They weren't phased by any of it – not having mud up to your waist; not putting your head under water; not climbing a frame 20 times your size – none of it, they were amazing.

"Every time we challenge our Park Family with something new, they never let us down and always rise to the challenge.

"We have raised over £600, but sponsors are still coming in now that friends, family and the community are seeing the pictures of what we had to do."

Elsewhere, the Park Family Team, Park PS and the nursery's PTA group hosted their first-ever Pizza At The Pictures event at their school last week.

The sell-out event saw families invited to watch Ralph Breaks The Internet for free on the big screen.

They sold baked pizza slices from local take away, The Falcon Fish and Chicken Bar to their 70 guests, as well as offering a tuck shop with popcorn, ice cream, drinks and sweet treats.

Alison added: "It was fantastic night and was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our guests and helpers. We wanted to provide our Park Family an opportunity to enjoy the big screen experience without the price tag that usually comes with a visit to the cinema.

"It was a popular event and we had to turn many families away this time, but due to the events success we hope to make it a regular event within our school and our nursery.

"We are so very lucky that the parents and carers of our learners are so supportive of the work we do so it's nice to be able to give something back to them as a thank you.

"The movie wasn't even finished yet and we had already started making plans for how to improve the set up for next time so we are hoping the next one will be even bigger and better."

To follow the work of Park Family Team, visit their Facebook page.