A WEE COUNTY youngster is embarking on a charity walk to raise money for his school.

Archie Shearer has Sotos Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which can affect children's growth and mobility.

The eight-year-old was diagnosed in 2013 and is now in Primary 4 at Lochies School.

Having witnessed the staff's hard work, Claire and Archie came up with a plan to give a little back.

She suggested they try and raise money for the school and it was Archie who came up with the idea of a sponsored walk.

Claire said: "Archie loves Lochies. The wee fella has thrived ever since he started going.

"Lochies is a special needs school and all the staff have their work cut out."

Archie is no stranger to fundraisers and previously took on another sponsored walk from the Hillfoots Rugby Club along the back walk to Dollar and back again.

This time, however, the intrepid youngster has decided to walk around Gartmorn Dam twice on Sunday, October 27.

Two laps around the dam should see young Archie walking for almost six miles.

But he's asked his mum if they can have a pit-stop at Dam Good Coffee, with Claire adding: "It's the least he deserves."

Archie and Claire have set themselves a target of raising a three-figure sum for the school and hope residents of the Wee County will lend their support.

Donations can be made at Lochies School; at the A. Sinclair Family Butcher; Tillicoultry Dental Practice; or by contacting Claire personally via Facebook or on 07709419784.

Sotos syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism, is a rare genetic disorder that is characterised by excessive physical growth during the first few years of life.

Children with Sotos syndrome tend to be large at birth and are often taller, heavier, and have larger heads than is normal for their age.

The disorder is often accompanied by mild cognitive impairment; delayed motor, cognitive, and social development and speech impairments.