A WEE COUNTY art exhibition has opened featuring works by local residents.

Resonate Together, a community social enterprise, opened its latest display last Friday, October 25.

The exhibition features work by John Wilkinson, Colin Partington and Clare Bridges, who is unveiling her first solo show entitled Reading in Autumn.

Resonate was founded by Angela Beardsley just over nine years ago as she wanted to create a space which enabled individuals to connect within themselves.

She said: “Following the recession there was a lack of jobs and a lot of hopelessness in the area.

“We wanted to create a place which offered opportunities and activities for people to connect with others.”

Angela has a long association with the arts and has held a solo show and had works on display in London and in America.

She was given a sum of money by her mother who was adamant it was to be used for something good. Thanks to this money Resonate was able to take shape.

Clare Bridges who is debuting her work, has always loved drawing and reading, which formed the basis for her exhibition.

She said: “The autumn colours are beautiful and I love reading in autumn.”

The 22-year-old has been coming to Resonate for two years and although this is her first show, she has always been involved in the fundraising, which Resonate relies on.

She has organised a raffle and has also baked cookies and brownies, with all monies going to Resonate.

Clare’s mum was also there to support her daughter and was bursting with pride.

She said: “This is a fantastic place for Clare to come and it is so good for her confidence.

“There is nothing else like Resonate in this area.”

The exhibition also features two men who are self-taught and have been coming to Resonate to share tips with other artists.

Colin Partington started painting when he retired. He stopped around five years ago when his wife took ill and he became her carer.

She died this year and a friend recommended he come along.

Colin said: “90 per cent of these paintings were in my attic and Angela told me to bring them down.

“I’m encouraged by what people are saying so far so I must be doing something right.

“You’re always learning here and we all help each other with little tips.”

The other exhibition is by John Wilkinson, whose work features castles, English and Scottish landscapes and even tribeswomen from South Africa.

Resonate is open from 9am every Monday to Friday and is open until late on some nights.

More information can be found on the Resonate Together Facebook page or by contacting 01259 928014