THOSE looking to get serious about table tennis in Tullibody will have the chance to join forces with the Stirlingshire Table Tennis League this month.

As previously reported, families have the chance to pick up the paddle and have some fun at Tullibody Civic Centre regularly on Fridays.

Families are invited between 4pm and 6pm each week while a youth drop-in is also on after the ping-pong session between 6pm and 8pm.

The café is usually available and there is access to free Wi-Fi.

The development trust, organising the events, is delighted to be joining forces with Stirlingshire Table Tennis League, a group which competes and runs coaching sessions across the Forth Valley.

The group will be bringing a special demonstration and coaching session to the town on Friday, November 22, from 6pm.

It is for people interested in the sport with a chance to learn some techniques and perhaps get involved with coaching.

Refreshments will be available and anyone looking for more details can get in touch via to learn more.