A WEE COUNTY woman is getting ready to fight in a charity boxing match after taking up the sport to help with her anxiety and depression.

Sarah Wilson, 29, will participate in the Ultra White Collar Boxing event in Clackmannanshire this Saturday, November 9.

She has been in training for the past 11 weeks and is making her final push before the big event.

Sarah said: “Training has been going really well and it’s really intense. I’ve been training 12 times a week, with double sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays.

“I’ve had a couple of pains in my knees, but nothing too serious.”

She hasn’t had a break since she started training and has been told to take next week off, which is something she thinks she’ll struggle with due to the intensity of her preparation.

Sarah has never performed in front of a crowd and is working on her confidence, although her boxing skills don’t need brushing up.

She burst a sparring partner’s lip and has been sparring with male boxers.

As well as improving her boxing technique, Sarah has also lost 10 pounds, but that is not as important as the benefits the training has had on her mental health.

Sarah had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a number of years.

She became pregnant early last year and was recommended not to take any medication, including those which had been helping her issues.

When her baby was born last September, she didn’t want to go back on medication and so she signed up for Alloa’s GM Fitness group.

She enjoyed being part of the fitness group so much she signed up for this weekend’s charity event.

Sarah said: “This training camp has been brilliant. The coaches are so encouraging and reassuring.

“It’s been so good to meet a different crowd. It has been really challenging but brilliant as well.”

All proceeds from this Saturday will be going towards Cancer Research UK.

Sarah has raised £785 so far and is hoping to smash the £1000 mark before Saturday.

Tickets for the event are still available from ultratickets.co.uk/events/ultra-white-collar-boxing-alloa-09-11-2019/ with single tickets priced at £35.