A TEEN who threatened to kill police officers' family members has been fined £500 – despite being told a fine wasn't an appropriate sentence for the offence.

Guy Walsh, 19, received the financial penalty while in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, October 31.

During an earlier court appearance in July, Sheriff David Mackie deferred sentencing for three months for Walsh to demonstrate he could be of good behaviour.

But the sheriff also warned him: "I don't consider a financial penalty will be appropriate.

"These matters need to be treated quite seriously.

"A degree of punishment is going to be necessary."

Walsh previously pleaded guilty to becoming abusive towards police officers after being detained for a disturbance in Tullibody on June 2.

According to prosecutor Susannah Hutchison, he had been handcuffed and placed in a police van, and "was shouting: 'Piggy b******s,' at police and banging his head off the cage."

Upon arriving at Alloa Police Office Walsh was arrested, and said: "I'm going to f**k you in court.

"After being charged he replied: 'Suck my d**k. You're a f*****g poof. I know who you are, when I get out of custody I'll kill you."

He also told another officer: "You f*****g prostitute slut. I'm going to find your family and kill them."

It had previously been claimed that Walsh was "extremely embarrassed" about his behaviour, and had been making efforts to address an underlying alcohol problem.

In court last week, fiscal depute Ann Orr confirmed Walsh had been of good behaviour since committing the offence.

And despite his warning that a fine wasn't going to be enough, Sheriff Mackie then told him: "You can draw a line under this now," and imposed a fine anyway.

Walsh, of Pavilion View in Alloa, was given 10 weeks to pay.