A CLACKS man is busy preparing the Scottish national indoor Tug of War team for the World Championship early next year.

Bob Warnock has been the coach of the national team for almost 20 years – going back to their famous gold medal victory in 1999.

His team train at Bob's farm on the outskirts of Forestmill and are currently in the middle of the Scotland-wide indoor season.

The domestic calender comes to a head next month with national championships in Beith on December 8.

However, next year they will compete in two international competitions: the British and Irish championship in January and the World Championship in Letterkenny, Ireland, a month later.

Bob was involved with the team's training when they won their first gold medal in 1999 and has been the coach ever since.

The 56-year-old told how training can be intense and that victory can all depends on the total weight of the team.

He said: "We try to get the team pulling around 150 per cent of their total body weight. 100kg steel slabs are attached to a wire rope that the team pull."

The team used to train in Bo'ness, but the facility decided they were not making enough money and so the group relocated to Bob's farm.

As well as being convenient for him, it serves as a central meeting place for the members who travel from all over Scotland.

The team is made up of seasoned veterans in the sport, many of whom have been there for the majority of their wins.

Bob said: "We try to blood one or two new players in per year. A lot of the team have been working together for a long time.

"If something isn't balanced or doesn't look right it's very easy to spot and fix."

Looking ahead to the upcoming championships, it's clear that Bob is confident his team will add to their growing collection of medals.

"Our team are no different to any in the past," Bob added.

"If we don't come back with a medal I'll be disappointed."