A SAUCHIE man left his boyfriend permanently disfigured after biting him on the face during heated row last year.

Lee Hynd carried out a sustained assault on his partner before harming himself with a piece of glass when police officers arrived to arrest him.

Ann Orr, depute fiscal, told Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday, that on September 16, the complainer had gone to Hynd's address and they watched television that evening while drinking alcohol.

In the early hours of the following morning, the row began at which point the complainer said he was going to leave.

Ms Orr said: "The accused tried to continue the argument then became physical. The accused seized hold [of the complainer] and repeatedly punched him on the head and body.

"He then took hold and bit him on the nose repeatedly then bit him on the face."

The accused then threw the complainer's laptop against a wall causing it to break, before kicking and breaking the television.

When the complainer repeatedly tried to leave the property the accused refused to let him leave before eventually allowing it, although he followed him to his car and continued arguing with him.

The complainer phoned the police after leaving and officers were met with a "hostile" Hynd who refused to let them in, telling them if they came in he would "stab himself in the neck".

Eventually officers forced their way into the property and found the accused bleeding from the neck with a piece of broken glass near him.

He was taken to hospital where he underwent treatment and a psychological evaluation.

Ms Orr added that Hynd, 31, told officers: "He attacked me so I attacked back and I won. He started it but I finished it."

The complainer suffered a laceration to the back of his head and cuts and scratches in several places.

He also had a laceration to his nose which will leave him permanently scarred.

Kelly Howe, representing Hynd, told the court that it was a "toxic relationship" – although she added that they reconciled following the incident before breaking up again.

She said that the accused was "significantly intoxicated" and has a previous conviction from 2015 and is on a community payback order for an offence which occurred after this one.

Ms Howe went on to say that a criminal justice social work report states there are no "public protection issues", but did say the severity of this crime is not lost on her client.

Sheriff David Mackie told Hynd, of Branshill Park, that his day in court will be a difficult one but that he will "get over it".

He was given a restriction of liberty order with the requirement he stay at home between 8pm and 5am for six months.