THE impending closure of Dollar Golf Club has resulted in the loss of two jobs as members mourn the end of 129 years of history.

It was announced earlier this week that the historic club will shut its doors for the final time on December 31 following dwindling memberships and rising maintenance costs.

Following discussions with Dollar Golf Club's council, it was decided that there was no alternative but to cease operations.

Scott Maxwell, finance convener at the club and member for more than 40 years, told the Advertiser it was has been a difficult time for everyone connected to the club.

He said: "It is very sad and something we are not enjoying doing at all. I had to give the two grounds-people their redundancy papers today; hopefully they'll find something, but it's not nice.

"The club has been in existence for 129 years and we are the ones who are closing it down. We spoke with the [golf club] council and we could not find an alternative.

"We thought we would survive until 2020, but we are losing members and a lot of our equipment is quite old and it would have cost a lot to replace it."

The decision to shut the club was made final at this month's AGM – one of the best attended in the last 40 years.

However, the finance convener cited the lack of local members as a huge factor in the move.

Scott said: "The problem is we cannot get enough members from Dollar. There are a lot of people who play golf, but they go and play in other clubs.

"People just don't like the course and terrain here. It's hilly and we can't attract members."

As part of an effort to save the club, the committee reached out to Dollar Academy with a written proposal for them to sponsor and have use of the course, something which was considered by the school but ultimately rejected.

For the next month, however, it will be business as usual before the members gather one last time to say goodbye.

Scott said: "Things will be carrying on as normal for the next month then it will be finished.

"The prizes will carry on as will the Christmas lunches then we will have a final swansong at the end of the year."