A WEE COUNTY primary school has launched a new campaign in a bid to promote the importance of road safety in the area.

Coalsnaughton PS has decided to brighten up the darker days and send out an important road safety message with a Be Safe, Be Seen day to promote the importance of road safety while encouraging children to travel actively.

Clackmannanshire Council's roads team is supporting a School Travel Planning Programme and offering support for schools as part of the Safer Routes to Schools Programme.

Schools in the Wee County are developing their plans which help deal with reducing the vehicles on the school run, encouraging active travel, improving congestion and air quality around the schools as well as promoting road safety education along with the many physical and mental benefits of travelling actively.

The school launched their school travel plan with the Be Safe, Be Seen day and a road safety slogan competition.

Anne Rice, acting headteacher said: "We are fortunate that most children travel actively to and from the school so the emphasis in our plan will be road safety education and teaching our children to be safe whilst making their active journeys to and from school.

"We now have a dedicated pupil Safety Committee involving children from all classes. This is the first of a series of planned road safety initiatives which will help prepare our children for their onward journey to secondary school and travelling in the community and beyond".

It is not the first time the school has taken a bold step in a bid to promote safety in the roads. In November 2018, pupils at the school produced posters urging drivers to slow down as they passed through the village.

The students produced one each and then attached them to lampposts throughout the village after more than 250 people signed a petition urging the local authority to take action against drivers who regular sped through.

Clacks Council responded to the campaign by promising to install traffic-calming measures in the village by 2020.