SWERVING onto the wrong side of the road and crashing a car into a post-box resulted in a £350 fine for an Alloa resident earlier this week.

Scott Hynd, of Engelen Drive, was also slapped with nine penalty during his appearance at Alloa Sheriff Court on Monday, November 25.

The 44-year-old was initially facing a charge of dangerous driving and another of failing to stop after being involved in a collision.

However, his offer to plead guilty to just one alternative charge of careless driving was accepted by the Crown.

The incident happened at 9pm on January 24 this year, as he drove along Alloa’s Whins Road towards Sauchie.

Just before the roundabout near Carsebridge Road, a witness could hear Hynd’s car speeding up.

Prosecutor Susannah Hutchison said: “The vehicle was travelling at excess speed for the road condition, failed to make the left-hand turn at the roundabout, and swerved onto the opposing carriageway.

“It mounted the pavement and struck a post-box, causing extreme damage to the vehicle.”

The witness then saw Hynd get out of the driver’s seat, take some property from the car and walk off from the scene of the crash.

A few hours later, Hynd called the police to report what had happened.

But he claimed he had swerved to avoid a group of youths who were standing in the road and throwing bricks at his car.

He later changed his story to say he swerved to avoid a cyclist.

But in court on Thursday, solicitor Kelly Howe said his claim that youths were standing in the road was the truth.

After avoiding the youngsters, she said he sped up without paying attention to the icy road conditions, resulting in the crash.

Sheriff David Mackie said the matter could be dealt with by imposing a fine.