A LEADER from the Wee County's voluntary sector is set to build cross-border relations in Russia thanks to an exciting international knowledge-exchange opportunity.

Angela Beardsley, who founded Resonate Together in Alloa nine years ago, has been selected for the PeerEx programme and will be matched with a peer from Russia to find solutions to common challenges.

It is a chance to share her knowledge and experience while building resilience and strengthening entrepreneurial capacity across the border in the programme funded by the British Embassy in Moscow, implemented by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and supported by global partners the Euclid Network.

Angela said: "I feel honoured to be selected for the 2019 PeerEx programme.

"As the first social enterprise leader from Clackmannanshire selected by CAF, I will endeavour to strengthen our international ties through this incredible opportunity."

Those taking part will be matched to work face-to-face and learn from each other as well as from experts before continuing to work together online.

Leaders from Russia are set to come to the UK, including to the Wee County it is understood, in December before Angela and the rest of the British delegation travel in March next year.

Angela, who was congratulated on her selection by Clackmannanshire Lord Lieutenant Johnny Stewart (pictured), added: "Building connections ensures that in this changing global environment, we are creating opportunities for whole-system leadership to enable communities to take positive action in an inclusive and equal way in every location around the world.

"I am looking forward to this experience, to visiting communities in Moscow and learning how we can utilise this network for the benefit of our local communities here in Clackmannanshire."

Collective leadership is at the heart of Resonate, something Angela has been pioneering for years, and one of the key aims of the PeerEx programme is to find alternative solutions to leadership challenges.

Marta Bruschi, PeerEx programme manager at CAF, said: "Around the world, CSOs and social enterprises are having to find new ways to adapt to changes in the political and financial landscapes they operate in.

"The charity and social enterprise sector in Russia and the UK is no exception to this.

"The aim of the programme is to help organisations exchange knowledge on how to strengthen civil society and social enterprises by seeking alternative solutions to leadership challenges and build resilience, and as a result, to achieve greater positive impact.

"Peer-to-peer learning is an excellent method to build know-how by finding solutions to shared challenges, based on good practices already in place, sharing different perspectives, learning from each other, while levelling out the hierarchy.

"This programme is built on Euclid Network's expertise and previous experience in hosting peer exchanges for civil society and social enterprise leaders."