A CONVICTED sex offender who became only the second person in Scotland to be made subject to a lifelong restriction order was warned last week that he might never be released -- after slashing another notorious rapist.

Steven Malcolm, 32, attacked David Jeans, who uses a wheelchair, as he was returning to his cell in Glenochil Prison.

Stirling Sheriff Court was told that Jeans' wheelchair did not fit through his cell door, so he would wheel himself to the door and, with the aid of a grab rail, take a couple of steps and manoeuvre himself inside.

Prosecutor Cheryl Clark said Jeans had reached his cell door after and was beginning to push himself out of his chair when he felt his head being pulled back.

Ms Clark said: "He could see Malcolm behind him.

"Malcolm stated: 'You're dead – you're getting it'. He brought his arm in front of Jeans, holding something in his hand.

"Jeans fell back into his chair and realised something had happened to the left side of his head – he was bleeding.

"He pushed himself from his chair into his cell and managed to turn to face the accused, with his wheelchair in between them."

Malcolm stepped over the chair and "swung" towards Jeans – in jail for abducting and raping a single mum – again, with what looked like a razor blade on a handle.

Warders ran towards Jeans' cell and shouted at Malcolm to stop and return to his own cell, which he did.

Ms Clark said: "Jeans told the officers he had been slashed, and they were informed by another prisoner that a weapon had been discarded on the floor near where the incident occurred.

"It was a white handle, with a blade melted onto it."

Jeans, 39, was taken to hospital where medics stitched and steri-stripped a bleeding slash on the back of his left ear.

Malcolm, whose address was given as HMP Glenochil, admitted assaulting Jeans to his injury, and possessing a makeshift bladed weapon in prison.

Melissa Virtue, defending, said Malcolm had been in segregation in the jail for more than seven months since the April 9 incident.

She said Malcolm had long since completed the punishment part of his sentence for the 2006 care home rape – nine years imposed at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2007 – but has always been refused release under his order for lifelong restriction (OLR).

He is currently serving two other sentences for offending in prison: 27 months imposed at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in July for assault to severe injury, and 21 months imposed at Falkirk Sheriff Court on August 8 for assault.

Miss Virtue said: "He is due for a parole hearing in February 2020 but he is aware that his offending in the last year or so will have an impact on that.

"The two have never got on well.

"The particular issue that Mr Malcolm had taken with Mr Jeans had built up over a period of time.

"Mr Malcolm's grandfather served in the Navy.

"Mr Jeans seems to make up stories about having been in the military and the SAS.

"Mr Malcolm took exception to that."

Sheriff William Gilchrist sentenced Malcolm to a further three years in jail, consecutive to his other sentences.

He told him: "You clearly have a problem; you're never going to get out of prison if you keep attacking other prisoners."