CALLS for the Alloa to Dunfermline rail link to be reopened have received a boost after a petition was launched last week.

The Scottish Greens have called for the reopening of a rail link between Dunfermline and Alloa, which would connect Scotland's ancient capital to Glasgow and the west for the first time.

Following the recent announcement of the reopening of the Levenmouth rail link, the party is pushing for other lines and stations across Scotland to be reopened, to boost low carbon choices for passengers and freight.

A new petition calling for the line from Alloa to Dunfermline to be reopened has been launched by Scottish Green Dunfermline and West Fife candidate Mags Hall, alongside MSPs Alison Johnstone and Mark Ruskell.

Launching the campaign, Mags said: "Dunfermline is a growing town, both in population and culturally. It is ridiculous that it is not connected to the rail network headed west.

"Through the Local Rail Development Fund we won through the Scottish budget, the Scottish Greens have already made a difference. Levenmouth was the first commitment to lay new rail track since 2006.

"The feasibility study for Levenmouth found that rail, above buses or other transport changes, would have the most impact in getting people out of their cars and onto public transport, and the same will be true for West Fife too."

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said: "If we are serious about tackling the climate emergency, then we need to move not just passengers, but also freight onto rail.

"For example, the Diageo distillery at Cameronbridge currently ship their products by road on hundreds of lorries a week to sites at Stirling and Grangemouth – taking these off the road and transport it by rail via Kincardine instead would be better for public health and the planet."

Earlier this year, representatives from the Wee County and West Fife came together with Alloa and Clackmannan community councils to discuss options, including opening pop-up stations in Clackmannan and Kincardine.

It is hoped that 1,000 jobs could be created at the Longannet base of train manufacturer Talgo in the near future, which would give more reason to the line being opened.

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