THE Christmas nativity story came to life at Clackmannan Primary School with some excellent singing from P1 pupils.

Parents and carers flocked to the school to enjoy shows of A Miracle in Town following hard practice from the young people.

P1 class teacher Anne Urquhart, who worked with "lovely colleague" P1 class teacher Claire McEwan, was more than proud, thanking the school community for its support.

She said: "They did awfully well with their singing, we practised so hard.

"Their narrating voices were lovely and clear and confident."

Donning costumes on stage, the children spoke clearly and were full of confidence despite the daunting task of having to perform in front of a packed audience.

Feedback was very positive from those who went along and thanks was given to parents for supporting their children at home as they learnt all their lines.

The pupils were excited to take part and certainly grew in confidence as a result while the school's headteacher rated the show "outstanding".

The teacher added: "I was a very proud and very happy teacher [when I saw it all come together].

"I'd like to thank the children for all their hard work and dedication and the parents for supporting them so well."