ST BERNADETTE'S RC Primary School's Nativity was a big success last week.

Held on Wednesday, December 18, the show attracted a big turnout from parents – with the youngsters thoroughly enjoying the occasion.

And despite some hiccups in the dress rehearsal, the pupils involved put on some spectacular performances.

Kirsty MacDonald, the school's headteacher, told the Advertiser more about how it went.

She said: "It went really well; the children enjoyed taking part, and the parents really enjoyed it.

"It was the standard nativity about Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem.

"Primary ones and twos took part with some primary threes – primary sixes and sevens had already taken part in a concert at St Modan's High School.

"[The rest of the pupils] were the choir."

A few days before the big day, the school put out a post on Twitter to say the dress rehearsals had not gone entirely to plan.

Some of the issues included "malfunctioning wardrobes, temperamental actors and collapsing costumes".

When asked if the practice shows had been a bit chaotic, Ms MacDonald said: "The dress rehearsals always are.

"[But] the kids really enjoyed it; they had a short time to practice but they did amazing at the end.

"It was a good turnout from parents [too]."