MORE than 400 pupils from Alloa's Redwell Primary took part in the school's Christmas shows earlier this month.

Youngsters performed to sold-out audiences, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves taking part.

Gillian Hamilton, depute headteacher, told the Advertiser: "We had four shows: primary one and two did a nativity show, and primaries three to seven did a concert.

"We had our primary three recorder group and we had some of our musicians play as well."

When asked about the turnout for the shows, she said: "We sold out each one of them – we had parents and families from primary one upwards."

And there was an environmentally friendly feature to this year's Christmas shows too.

Ms Hamilton said: "We got out children to dress up in Christmas clothing.

"We ask them to wear Christmas jumpers for the show, and this year we took an eco-friendly approach and encouraged parents to donate any jumpers their children have grown out of.

"We then distributed them in the school."

Speaking about how the youngsters from the school found the shows, she said: "The pupils really enjoyed it, [and] we had a total of 440 children performing – which was quite a lot."