A TULLIBODY man has been reunited with his family in what was a perfect gift for the holidays.

Gordon McCracken moved to the Wee County from South Africa in August after receiving a job offer he could not turn down.

Before leaving South Africa, he ensured that Visas for his wife Celeste and their two children Brady and Taylor were complete and submitted to the Home Office.

However, with months going by with no word from officials, Gordon began to panic over his family's future.

Thankfully, everything was sorted and his family arrived at the beginning of December in time to celebrate Christmas together.

The dad said: "[It's] been a hell of a process to get them here, now we're just trying to settle in."

Gordon was born in South Africa, but moved to Scotland with his parents, who were both born in Scotland.

He lived here until he was a teenager before moving back to South Africa, where he met his wife.

They have been married for 22 years and have two children. This is the first time his family have left South Africa.

When Gordon last spoke to the Advertiser, he hadn't seen his family in two months.

He was unsure whether he would have to return home and his wife did not know whether to enrol their children in school in South Africa or wait until they heard from the Home Office.

Now his family are settling in and his daughter Taylor will attend Abercromby Primary School and his son Brady is going to Lornshill Academy.

Gordon said: "The schools have been fabulous; they invited us in and took us on a tour to meet their teachers, so now the kids are feeling more comfortable about transferring."

Not only is Gordon back together with his family, they're thrilled with the scenery right on their doorstep.

He said: "For my wife to be sitting in the morning, having a cup of coffee looking at the snow caps on the mountains, she's absolutely loving it.

"The kids are saying it's so beautiful."

The family will be having a quiet Christmas and their neighbours have invited them over for a Hogmanay party.

In the meantime, Celeste will be "trying to turn what is currently a house into a home" before she looks for a job.

Despite the setbacks and uncertainty, Gordon and his family can now look forward to a new life in Scotland.

A very happy and relieved Gordon said: "It's great to have my family here."