A CLACKS charity's community-centred approach to leadership is putting the Wee County on the map internationally.

Third sector delegates from Russia were recently in Alloa at Resonate Together, where founder Angela Beardsley is involved in knowledge-exchange programme PeerEx.

The programme also took her to a two-day event in London, where the idea of shared leadership and building on everyone's qualities and skills – all very much embedded in the fabric of Resonate – was celebrated.

Angela has been paired up with Yulia from Russia's Second Wind foundation, which upcycles old clothes to be given to the homeless, sold at charity shops and for other projects.

Yulia gave a presentation at Resonate along with fellow visitor Elena and the pair also enjoyed some Scottish treats.

The delegates also had a bit of time for some networking and sightseeing in Edinburgh as well as Glasgow, where there was a chance to meet with textile company BeYonder and discuss ideas for a Scottish-Russian project.

The key event during the visit was in London, supported by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the Euclid Network.

Various workshops and activities brought together leaders from the third sector over two days with the aim of strengthening social enterprises by seeking alternative solutions to leadership challenges.

Angela said: "It was really interesting to be able to sit with other people involved in all aspects of community and social enterprises, listening to the different approaches people take and how they deal with the different challenges, how they deal with emerging factors."

Interestingly, the Resonate founder explained that out of six UK organisations represented at the event, four were Scottish and worked very well together.

There is scope for potential partnerships to be built, thanks to the networking aspect of the programme.

She added: "We've got meetings already arranged for January with one of the national organisations [from Scotland] – that could be transformational for us."

Next, Angela will be visiting Russia to be hosted by her peer in March, but there is plenty to do before then as she will be working with Yulia and others online in the meantime.

In terms of leadership challenges, one important thing that emerged in London, Angela explained, is that bosses should "not forget the kindness".

Angela said: "You don't have to replace kindness with professionalism [as boss in the third sector] – you just have to develop both alongside each other."

During one of the final activities of the London event, participants were given the opportunity to give one another some honest comments.

Angela said: "Everybody was just going on about the immense openness in the way we all work together here [at Resonate] and they were completely inspired by what we were doing."

Indeed, she has been asked to give a presentation on the topic to all participating Russian organisations when she visits next year.