A PETITION has been launched to block the council from charging for garden waste uplifts in the Wee County.

As reported previously, a paper came in front of Clackmannanshire councillors in December to introduce a garden waste permit scheme.

Decision on the proposal was postponed as the political administration said the document "did not fully reflect policy direction" and it is expected to make a return to the Kilncraigs chamber, following amendments, in January.

It is not yet known what parts of the plan will be amended, but the idea for the scheme in general has garnered opposition by residents.

The initiative to charge for brown bin uplifts were agreed almost a year ago.

Following last month's meeting, council leader Councillor Ellen Forson said: "Council agreed to introduce a charge for collecting garden waste following public engagement and a decision at council in March 2019.

"The paper, as published, did not fully reflect policy direction and following amendments, a report will come back to council in January 2020."

What council documents did suggest originally is a £36 annual charge per brown bin for garden waste uplifts.

Details also showed people would be able to take waste to the Forthbank centre for free, while home-composting is also encouraged.

The petition – found on change.org – argues that the council looking to charge for brown bins is "devastating news for anyone who cares about the environment in the Wee County".

It noted the permit scheme comes in the context of a four per cent Council Tax rise for next year, proposed by officers of the local authority.

And added: "The stopping of the blue box collection is already having a dramatic impact on residents who care about glass and electrical waste.

"Please sign and share this petition so we can send a message to Clackmannanshire Council we care about the environment.

"Also please contact your local councillor and make them fully aware of your feelings on the matter."

The permit scheme is to achieve a cost saving of £130,000 for the council and was subject to consultation as part of the budget setting process last year.

That saving will be achieved with a take up of around 30 per cent, documents project, and if half of the around 22,000 households currently benefiting sign up, the cost benefit for the local authority would be around £290,000.

The move comes in the context of a tough financial climate for the council which has seen cuts to services year-on-year.

Visit bit.ly/2tZ2iIh for the petition.