A CLACKMANNAN woman dove into freezing cold waters on New Year's Day with her best friend to keep a promise to her late dad.

Rachel Hamilton and her best pal of around 14 years Isla Cameron dipped into the Firth of Forth as part of the annual Loony Dook event on January 1.

Rachel's dad Andrew sadly passed away in 2019 following a period of illness and he always loved spending a day at the beach.

Last year, he had accompanied the duo to the Loony Dook, which benefits the RNLI and local charities around Queensferry, and the two best friends made a promise they would go again, all having had a brilliant time together.

While Andrew was sadly not around this time, Rachel and friend Isla braved the freezing temperatures and kept their promise.

Speaking of the experience this year, Rachel explained they had "the best time ever" in an amazing atmosphere, surrounded by fellow dookers.

She said: "We were taken aback this year by how cold it was, it cured our hangovers though."

Having been friends for so long, Isla knew Andrew well and so she was also keen to follow through.

Rachel added: "Isla was good friends with my dad as well so she promised him that we'd keep doing it."

Indeed, the duo are now planning to keep the tradition going each year.

The Loony Dook was conceived in 1986 as a hilarious "hangover cure", although its origins go a bit further back to just after WW2 when returning soldiers took a dip to wash away the sins of old.

It gained popularity in the 90s and is now part of the Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations.