FOREFRONT has unveiled yet another stunning production as Beauty and the Beast wows audiences in Alloa.

The talented cast and crew deliver once more as the familiar tale is given the usual Wee County treatment.

This time the setting is Auchendreich where Prince Sebastian – cursed by the sinister Nightshade – is searching for a true love which will break the spell.

It is hoped the fair maiden Belle will be that very love, but forces conspire to keep them apart.

As ever there are superb performances on show with Hannah Ross and Kieran McLennan leading the show as Nurse Nellie MacDuff and her son Boabby, respectively.

Ross Turnbull delivers a wonderful performance as the villainous Nightshade, ably supported by Alice Gilmour as the sister Ivy.

The title roles are taken on by the impressive Hayley Smith as Belle and Siobhan McDade as the Beast/Prince Sebastian, with the latter a particular triumph.

Contenders for show-stealing displays also come from Gemma Penman as the geriatric Angus McFungus and Rebecca Robb as Glen Ochil – the Gaston-esque Lothario.

Aside from the main cast there is a wealth of talent on offer, with eye-catching choreography and catchy tunes to keep the feet tapping througout.

The production runs all this week with Forefront principal Amber Rennie already buoyed by the feedback received.

"We have been delighted with the response to our first few shows this year," she told the Advertiser.

"All of our crew and cast members have worked so hard to bring the show to life and it's wonderful to see all that graft pay off.

"This is the first year Forefront has produced Beauty and the Beast and we are delighted with its success.

"But there is still plenty more to come from the team and we hope families will join us later this week for the last few shows."