WEE COUNTY residents have been encouraged to nominate community champions in their area for the Clackmannanshire Citizen of the Year award.

The winner of the annual award, which is sponsored by the Lord Lieutenant's Trust, is set to be announced at a ceremony on March 10.

Nominations are also open for Young Citizen of the Year award.

Both accolades aim to recognise the work of local volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to improving their community.

Alex Harvey and Katherine Martin are the current Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year, respectively.

Alex was awarded the title last year in recognition of his work to create quiet and safe outdoor learning spaces for children.

And Katherine received the youth title for, amongst other things, running an after-school badminton club and volunteering every week at a local nursery.

Provost Tina Murphy, who will host the awards event in March, said: "I know that there are many residents in Clackmannanshire who dedicate time and effort to make the lives of their fellow citizens better.

"So I'd encourage everyone in Clacks to think about nominating these tireless workers to help us all give them a big thank you for everything that they do.

"I'd also like to see the hard work that makes us so proud of our local young people recognised, so please think about nominating somebody for the Young Citizen of the Year.

"We would also welcome nominations for citizens that have perhaps been nominated but have not won this prestigious award."

Nomination forms are available on the Council website, with the closing date for nominations set for January 27.

To find out more, call 01259 450000, or email membersservices@clacks.gov.uk