A CHILD has denied charges of stalking and theft at Alloa Sheriff Court last week.

The 16-year-old girl appeared in the dock on Thursday, January 9, and solicitor Kelly Howe confirmed her not guilty pleas to both alleged offences.

According to charges, the Sauchie teen caused one of the town's residents fear or alarm by repeatedly waiting for and approaching him, shouting and making sexual comments to him, filming him, attending at his address and pouring anti-freeze through his letterbox and bedroom window.

The same charge also alleges she made abusive comments towards the man's partner, and repeatedly left voicemail messages for him, all between March 3 and November 12 last year.

According to a second charge, the teen also stole a bottle of anti-freeze from an unsecure motor vehicle in Sauchie on October 12 last year.

A trial was fixed for April 22 with an intermediate diet on April 6, and the girl was granted bail.

As the accused is under 18, the Advertiser is legally prohibited from identifying her under section 47 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.

This provision applies to all members of the public and includes social media.