A WEE COUNTY group supporting those working in the health, criminal justice and education sectors has been awarded a £3,000 grant by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

The Resilience Learning Partnership (RLP) – which runs training and educations programmes – plans to use the money to maximise its work in the local community.

RLP's work is aimed at individuals with "lived experience" of the previously mentioned sectors, as they offer a unique insight into understanding some of the most prevalent issues people will encounter.

The group has established an office in Alloa to serve the Clacks area.

Its premises also provide office and training space in a central location with public transport access.

Shumela Ahmed, a spokesperson for RLP, said: "We'd like to thank the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for its grant which will help us employ a part-time administrator to support the valuable services we provide."

And Bob Young, a CRT trustee in Scotland, said: "We were pleased to be able to award the Resilience Learning Partnership with a grant to help fund a new administrator post.

"It offers vital services to people across a range of sectors."

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust was formed in 1999 to help mining communities recover from the devastating effects of pit closures.

It is funded by the Scottish Government with the priorities of supporting local initiatives to improve health and employment prospects for residents of coalfield areas.