THE Man Cave made its return last week as the men's support group held its first session of the year.

Started by Mark McAuley and Max Nicholson, the Man Cave is a very informal and non-judgemental weekly support group for men struggling with their mental health.

The group launched last year and after their winter break, they returned last Thursday for their first session of the year at the Indodrill Stadium in Alloa.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Mark explained how the group started and the foundations on which it was built.

Mark said: "It's something we've been trying to do for a while and we wanted to make it as open as possible.

"We do anything, [last week] we played cards, we've had darts competitions.

"It's really informal, there's tea and coffee and biscuits. Sometimes the goalkeeper pops in, sometimes the manager."

Despite taking place at the stadium, there is no need to be interested in football to attend.

The club is a support group in the sense that everything is in place for those who wish to share their feelings; however, there is no obligation.

Sessions have been extended this year from the initial one hour to two to allow people more flexibility and give the sessions more of a drop-in feel.

Mark added: "It's really laid back, purposely relaxed."

The sessions have occasionally featured speakers from Wellbeing Scotland, but the main function of the group is to have a place to go for people who feel they need a place to go.

Mark added: "You don't have to speak or take part, you can play games, play darts or watch football.

"You don't have to take part, but you can open up if you need to or want to."

The Man Cave takes place every Thursday from 8-10pm at the Indodrill Stadium.

Visit the Man Cave's Facebook page at for more information.