A WEE COUNTY couple in their nineties have been receiving hot meals on Sundays free of charge from a kind-hearted Clacks resident.

Robert and Alison Snaddon were signed up to Marion Levett's hot meal initiative by their grandson, after hearing about the scheme last year.

As the Advertiser reported back in September, 58-year-old Marion decided to start providing freshly cooked food to a handful of locals once a month in a bid to tackle social isolation.

Speaking at the time, the former community worker said: "[I saw] the need, not just in Clackmannanshire but all over, because there's a lot of elderly people who have no family or friends, and who are isolated."

Marion also remembered working with countless people who were surviving off of microwaved meals every day of the week.

So, she started her scheme by catering for five local elderly one Sunday each month – and has shouldered the costs and effort of the initiative entirely on her own.

A few months on, Marion now has two regulars who she caters for in Robert, 93, and Alison, 91, who live together in Alloa.

While the pair enjoy each other's company, they struggle with tasks such as cooking, and love having Marion stop by for visits.

Alison told the Advertiser: "We've been having the meals for a few months, and it's very nice. It's something to look forward to.

"Three times I think we've had it.

"One [of the meals] was a fish supper because Marion was moving, so she did that instead of preparing meals.

"This Sunday it was haggis, neeps and tatties and I think she did that because it was near Burns.

"And I think it was steak pie one week."

The pair both agreed the food was lovely, and they both enjoyed the fact that Marion was always happy to stick around for a chat when she showed up.

And after hearing that Marion may be opening her service up to more people in the summer months, they both encouraged other elderly locals to consider signing up.

Marion said she was delighted to be catering for the "lovely" couple, and aims to continue and even expand her service over the next few months .