A SERIAL offender who spent years on community payback orders has been jailed after a sheriff said they'd done "nothing" to change her ways.

Rosemary Malloy was scolded by Sheriff Craig Harris when she appeared in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, January 23.

The Tillicoultry resident was due to face sentencing after becoming abusive towards her neighbour on July 19 last year.

The neighbour broke down in tears while council and fire service employees carried out tests in her home on the day in question.

When they asked what was wrong, the woman said Malloy had been making her feel "scared".

Moments later, a drunk Malloy showed up at the woman's property and started pressing her ear against a window and trying to get in.

Malloy, 52, then shouted: "F*****g w***e, dinnae go near my f*****g man."

The neighbour was eventually removed from her own property by the council and fire service because she was so afraid.

As well as that incident, Malloy was also in court for breaching a community payback order that was imposed on her for kicking off on April 24, 2018.

On that occasion, she phoned police and said she would stab her partner.

When officers showed up at her property on Walker Terrace, Malloy was found in the living room while under the influence of alcohol with a knife lying on the floor next to her.

And she also appeared in court for a review of another community payback order, which was put in place after she kicked off on June 26 last year.

That offence involved a drunk Malloy telling a woman she'd "stamp on her head", before cutting her washing line with a pair of scissors.

In court last week, solicitor James Savage said of his client: "It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to pinpoint exactly what her problem has been."

He then claimed Malloy had abstained from alcohol for around six months, and was making other efforts to address her drinking problem.

But Alloa's new resident sheriff was less than impressed with Malloy's record.

Sheriff Harris described her as a "bully", and referring to a background report, he said: "The report says you were ambivalent and showed no interest in addressing your alcohol issues.

"You've shown no change, despite being made subject to community payback orders for almost two and a half years.

"It did nothing to reduce your offending, [and] you have only yourself to blame."

The sheriff then jailed Malloy for a period of 72 days.