THERE is expected to be no opposition to plans for a change to school holiday patterns in Clackmannanshire.

The vast majority of Wee County parents appear to be in favour of shortening the summer break and extending time off in October.

A survey carried out by Clacks Council, which is due to be discussed at the place committee meeting tomorrow, found that 83 per cent of the 2,444 respondents were happy with the proposal.

As previously reported in the Advertiser, it was expected the proposals would garner wide-ranging support as parents have for some years been expressing a view that the summer break is too long while the autumn holiday does not offer enough time.

However, the plans will only go ahead if there is agreement in neighbouring Stirling and Falkirk councils as well.

Indeed, there was already overwhelming support for the idea in 2012, but Clacks Council felt it was important to maintain the same pattern across the three areas – and that view remains the same.

That means that while the changes could come into effect from August 2022, the new term dates will only be implemented if agreed by all three councils.

Fife as well as Perth and Kinross councils already operate under the six-week summer and two-week October holiday regime.

The importance of aligning the dates across all the neighbouring local authorities was underscored by Councillor Les Sharp last November, when the council agreed to consult with parents on the matter.

Mr Sharp, as well as council documents, highlighted the change would be particularly beneficial for parents and staff who work in one of the five areas, but live in another.

He also argued the long summer break puts pressure on parents to keep arranging activities or care for their children and this can result in rising living costs.

Cllr George Matchett was also in support of the "long-awaited, much-needed change".

At that time, he added he would be "surprised" if there was not "tremendous support" and indeed, the vast majority of those responding were in agreement.

One of the reasons that Clacks, Stirling and Falkirk operate the same dates is that St Modan's RC High School in Stirling takes in pupils from all three areas.

Council papers, to be tabled tomorrow, added: "It is therefore recommended that any change to the pattern of term dates is not implemented unless all three councils agree to the change.

"Falkirk and Stirling councils are currently consulting on the change."

The change could come into effect for the school session beginning in August 2022 as term dates are normally published 28 months in advance.