A WEE County antique store will once again feature on a popular television show.

Alva Antiques and Collectibles featured on Antiques Road Trip last year and the store was visited again by the show for the celebrity version which will be on TV this Friday, January 31 at 7.30pm.

Actresses Helen Flanagan and Jorgie Porter were joined by antique experts Phil Serrell and James Braxton and they toured around Scotland looking for antiques and visited stores in Alva, Dunfermline, Perth and Stirling.

Helen and Phil visited Alva and browsed the store which is gathering a reputation as a TV regular.

Tom Muncie and his store will make their fourth television appearance this Friday and he is still coming to grips with seeing himself on the screen.

Tom said: "It's becoming more common.

"My granddaughter says 'there's papa, papa's on the telly'."

Helen and Phil came to the store last year and browsed around, picking up several items including a glass ornament.

Tom said: "Helen was nice, aye, she was fine.

"They picked up a couple of things and Phil, being the expert, gave Helen a bit of information on them: its age and things like that."

As well as being an advert for the area, the TV appearance certainly does the shop no harm either, with Tom noticing an increase in visitors for weeks after the episode airs.

Tom said: "It does bring more people in.

"People see it and for maybe a couple of weeks after I'm inclined to ask people if this is their first time or did they see it in passing and they'll say they seen it on the TV and decided to pop in.

"You're getting to more people as well, even people from Clackmannanshire will come in who didn't know about us."

Tom, who left his job with the Royal Bank of Scotland to turn his hobby into a business four years ago, is modest about his store's recurring TV appearances.

Asked what makes his store so special, he simply replied: "I have no idea."