A GLOBAL collaboration project is aiming to create positive economic action for communities and an Alloa charity is going to be at the very heart of it all.

Last night, Resonate Together announced it is launching a world-wide project with Horasis, the global visions community, under the name Horasis powered by Resonate.

It is hoped the partnership will inspire the future generation of community leaders and indeed, the future of the planet.

Angela Beardsley, founder at Resonate, has been working with Horasis founder and chairman Dr Frank-Jürgen Richter to bring the idea about.

Watch the announcement video here.

Dr Richter has been hosting annual economic summits where high-profile participants work to identify globally relevant issues along with interdisciplinary solutions.

The German entrepreneur and economic advisor is a former director of the World Economic Forum and comes with a rather impressive résumé.

The project is an "exciting new opportunity" for not just Angela and the Resonate team, but indeed the whole of the county.

It comes following a year of discussions on "the complex challenges of grassroots communities to drive inclusive economic growth".

Angela explained: "For the last year, Resonate and Horasis have been developing this project around three main aims; to combine the skills and experience of many of the participants at this year's Horasis Global Meeting ensuring their dedication sees positive economic results on the ground; to ensure that our Clackmannanshire communities benefit from increased economic opportunities and to share the stories of innovative community leadership from across the globe."

In a video announcing the project, containing many scenes from around Clackmannanshire, Angela explains that while the Wee County may be small, "it is huge on natural beauty and community spirit".

She continued: "I believe the people of Clackmannanshire are innovators at heart with creative minds to overcome any barrier."

Angela started Resonate to allow individuals to connect, develop and thrive, tackling issues in a whole-systems approach, deploying the full diversity of the community and building on the skills people have.

However, it was key that, as Angela added: "From the start Resonate realised that isolated working in silos restricted the progress which communities hoped to achieve, so we searched for a new model of working."

Dr Richter, who founded Horasis in 2005, said: "We are very glad to enter this partnership with Resonate – together we have an opportunity to inspire the future of community leadership and the future of our planet.

"Powered by Resonate, this global collaboration project will accelerate and scale up quickly."

Angela added: "We aim to combine knowledge of the many of the 1,000 delegates at this year's [Horasis] Global Meeting in Portugal.

"Join Horasis and Resonate, together we will turn those new ideas into sustainable economic actions for our local communities everywhere, starting right here in Clackmannanshire."

For the launch announcement video, which is available on Resonate's Facebook, thanks go to two production teams of Broadcasting Scotland and Resonate's very own Stories To Tell.