A MISCHEVIOUS cat who went missing from his owner’s house within days of being adopted has been found safe and well 16 months later.

Horace was adopted from Cats Protection’s Forth Valley Adoption Centre in Clacks in September 2018 - but disappeared almost immediately.

Volunteers went out to search for him, handing out flyers and putting up posters, but to no avail.

But because he had previously been a stray, it was hoped that he would be streetwise enough to survive once again.

Then, out of the blue, a Cats Protection lost and found volunteer received a message last month about a stray who been hanging around a garden.

When she saw a photo, she immediately noticed the resemblance to Horace.

The cat was then picked up and scanned for a microchip, and it was confirmed that it was indeed escape artist Horace.

The tabby-and-white cat, who is around eight years old, was brought back to the safety of the adoption centre where he could be checked over.

The vet said that while he had probably been in a few scrapes, and has a broken canine tooth that needs to be removed, he is otherwise in surprisingly good health.

Staff at the adoption centre got in touch with the person to Horace had been adopted to, and while they were delighted he had turned up safe and well, they made the difficult decision that it would be best if a new owner was found for him.

Centre manager Roslyn Mackay said: “We are all delighted to see Horace again after so long.

“We don’t know what adventures he has been on since we last saw him, but he certainly hasn’t been wanting for food - as he weighs a hefty 7.8kg.

“He is back in his old pen, and although he was not particularly impressed at first, he is thoroughly enjoying all the attention as volunteers drop in to welcome him home.”

It will be several weeks before Horace is ready to be adopted again, and staff at the adoption centre have their fingers crossed that he won’t be returning.