A COLLECTION of various literary works, penned by a group of authors in Alloa, was launched at the Speirs Centre last week.

Alloa Writers were at the local library to launch their book, titled From the Station, after copies of the anthology, a collection of works from various authors, rolled off the printing presses.

The diverse group regularly meets at Alloa's Station Bar and Hotel to showcase their works and give each other constructive feedback – hence the title.

A number of the group's authors contributed with three short stories and a range of poems, including Fiona Porteous, Helen Nicol, Jean Edgar, Ross Shand and his father Alistair, Anna Aitken and derenz.

Readers can also find illustrations by Fiona in the book.

There are 16 pieces contained in the book, which is a "lovely anthology to dip in and out of", according to a review by local librarian Alma Wardrope.

Two key people for the project were Daphne Hamilton (derenz) and the above mentioned Alistair Shand, the former chair.

All the works were peer-reviewed in a unique approach to the editorial process.

Jean Edgar, chair of Alloa Writers, told the Advertiser at the launch event: "It was experimental in the sense that getting everybody involved in having a look at [each other's works] had its risks of course because you could upset each other, but that did not happen."

She added: "The drive [to create the anthology] came from one particular person really, which was Daphne.

"She's been the backbone of Alloa Writers for three decades, she's always looking to do something a bit different."

Part of the reason was that while The Writers meet every other week and bring their works, their stories and poems are then often set aside.

Jean continued: "On this occasion, we are pulling some of those together."

A number of the contributing authors had in the past published their own individual works and the anthology offers a range of different styles.

The launch saw the authors, friends and interested parties gather at the Speirs Centre's Ceremony Room, among them the group's youngest rising talent, eight-year-old Cameron, who penned My Little Friend Batbird with mum Helen Nicol (pictured).

A range of different people attend Alloa Writers, Jean explaining that while it is an inclusive author's group, people are also there to listen and give constructive criticism.