A WEE County MMA fighter is hoping to use a huge upcoming fight as the kickstarter for the latest push in his career.

Callum Murrie, originally from Dollar, is preparing to fight Dylan Logan in his Bellator MMA debut in Dublin next week.

After more than a year out of competing, Callum is eager to getting back to doing what he loves.

He told the Advertiser: "I'm feeling good, I've been back training.

"When Bellator got in touch with my coach to fight, I said I'll definitely take it."

Callum only accepted the fight a few weeks ago and is now hard at work to make weight.

As part of a diet plan from his nutritionist, he will cut out sugar and carbs for the last six days before the fight.

"I'll be pretty lethargic the week of the fight but I make weight on the Friday before the fight, so I've got about 30 hours to rehydrate and get my energy back up," he said.

Callum hasn't fought for more than 12 months for several reasons, both in and out the ring, including breaking his arm in his last fight in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After beating a Commonwealth Games silver medallist, Callum earned a title shot at Igeu Kabesa, a fight he lost on points after the fifth round, despite breaking his arm in the fourth.

During the spell out, he thought about retiring and going into the coaching side of the sport; however, this opportunity came at just the right time.

He said: "I've got the motivation back. It'll be a tough fight, but I've never looked for the easy fight."

The fracture meant Callum, who has competed for more than a decade, began losing the mindset that saw his career take off.

He added: "When I broke my arm, it was decided we'd let it heal naturally but when it didn't, it had to be broken again and then titanium plates were put in.

"That got me down; I couldn't work, couldn't train, I started going out, drinking, basically not living the same life I've lived for the last decade.

"[I] managed to get a grip of that [a few] months ago, now I'm eating clean again, training well.

"The fight came at the perfect time.

"I'm 32-years-old, only got another two or three years to compete so I want to make the most of it.

"I don't want to regret it 10 years down the line."

Callum will fight Dylan Logan on Saturday, February 22.

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