VOLUNTEERS sprung into action across the Hillfoots at the weekend with a combination of heavy rain and melting snow raising flood risks and water levels.

Action plans were put in place both in Tillicoultry and Menstrie as Storm Dennis brought heavy rain to the Wee County.

Flood protection equipment was deployed by volunteers of the Menstrie Community Resilience Group (MCRG) as the water in Menstrie Burn started to reach action levels, according to the RiverTrack monitoring system.

In particular, the local care home and The Charrier are two areas usually at risk and this is where lead co-ordinator James Bull and the team focused their efforts.

There was a good turnout with around 18 people working to protect their community with water levels reaching a peak between 4-5pm on Saturday, February 15.

James said: "Thank you to the volunteers and also, council staff were calling me up, making sure everything was OK as they were elsewhere, making sure we were good and happy and didn't need any more resources – that's also a comfort to us when we are out on the field."

It is understood no properties were flooded and the same can be said over in Tillicoultry, where Gail Walker and the team from the Tillicoultry, Devonside and Coalsnaughton Flood Group (Tideco) sprung into action.

Flood protection equipment was put in place around the west entrance to Hareburn Road near Tilly Burn as water levels indicated that flooding was imminent on Saturday afternoon.

A handy flood pod, which contains equipment like sacks and flood snakes, is located there and a small group of hardy volunteers braved the elements to respond to the situation.

Drainage systems near the burn and Lower Mill Street could not cope with the levels of water, but the equipment put in place successfully diverted the water away.

For both groups, rainwater and melting snow from the Ochils is usually the biggest concern as this can lead to the local burns rising.

The Tideco group had just received flood water safety training and were able to put their newly-gained knowledge into practice.

Gail is encouraging more people who can respond when called upon to get involved. She added: "I think it was a combination of factors at the weekend with snow melt and heavy rain that really affected water levels."

Some more rain is expected on Wednesday night into Thursday with another storm front possibly approaching as the weekend begins.

Keep up to date in Menstrie by following @MCRG_Menstrie, email menstriecommunityresilience@gmail.com to volunteer.

Check map.rivertrack.org/location/menstrie for live updates on water levels in Menstrie.

To get involved in Tillicoultry, email tideco2018@yahoo.com for more details.