THE SCOTTISH Tug of War team have completed their final training session ahead of the world championships tomorrow.

The team train at coach Bob Warnock's camp in Clackmannan on the outskirts of Forestmill and had their last session on Sunday, February 16 ahead of the four-day event in Letterkenny, Ireland, which begins on Thursday, February 20.

Their training programme was based around rope work and the 15 athletes have been training in the Wee County three times a week.

The sessions are largely split in sessions of endurance or power work with Bob's facility allowing two teams to compete against each other or work on the rig, which is an oversized multi-gym where the team work to move 1,000kg.

Bob said: "I have been training Indoor Tug of War teams for 20 years and the current squad is as good as any I have prepared before.

"However, you can never tell what the opposition is going to bring so we shall see."

Despite being unsure of the challenges his team will face, Bob remains confident and added: "I will be disappointed if we are not in the medals somewhere."

Scotland are currently world champions in the two heavy weights (640kg & 680kg), having won them in Xuzhou, China in 2018, with the world championships being a biannual event.

They will be trying their best to defend those two while also trying to recapture the 600kg, a weight Scotland has dominated in the last 14 years having won it six times in a row before their defeat in China.

Bob was involved with the team's training when they won their first gold medal in 1999 and has been the coach ever since.

He added: "The training has went well, with very few disruptions caused by weather that we frequently have to deal with.

"The most important thing now is for the athletes to make weight, so they will be starting to reduce their food and water intake from Monday.