A SELF-PROCLAIMED paedophile hunter has been slapped with unpaid work after making "vile threats" towards his associates.

Scott Ewen received the sentence at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, February 13, after pleading guilty to two charges of threatening behaviour.

Prosecutor Ann Orr said the 40-year-old was a member of Maximum Exposure UK – an online group promoting themselves as "paedophile hunters".

However, Ewen had a falling out with two men from the group, who both left as a result.

Then on January 14 this year, he started bombarding both of them with threatening messages.

Ms Orr said: "The [first complainer] was at home in Clackmannan, when he received a Facebook messenger call from the accused.

"The [first complainer] ignored them until sometime later he received about 10 or 15 messages from the accused, saying: 'See you soon, I'm on my way you w****r.'

"Then about an hour later he received a voice message from the accused, during which he made threats [such as]: 'I'm gonna f*****g murder you', 'you're a dead man', 'you're a little f*****g homosexual, a little f*****g renton gay boy f**k'."

He also said: "I'm gonna stab the s**t out of both of you."

The man eventually contacted the police, but while this was going on, Ewen was also sending vile messages to the second complainer.

Ms Orr told the court the man was at an address in Lanark when he noticed Ewen had contacted him on Facebook.

She said: "He thereafter received multiple voice messages from the accused.

"The messages said: 'I'm gonna f*****g do you in', 'it's going to be painful and it's going to be bloody', 'go back to the special school and stop licking the windaes'."

He also warned him that "this is not an idle threat".

The second complainer also contacted the police, and Ewen was arrested soon after.

After being arrested, he told officers: "I just lost control and threatened a few people when my daughter was threatened."

Robert Smith, defending, said the incident came about after his client received "offensive comments" via text message about his teenage daughter.

He believed they were from the first complainer, but then sent them to the second complainer after believing him to be responsible instead.

Mr Smith said Ewen took the messages about his child seriously, but said he now acknowledged the way he reacted was "entirely inappropriate".

He then alleged the messages sent about his daughter were being investigated by police.

Sheriff Craig Harris said: "Vile threats made to each of these individuals, committed while subject to a bail order, and against a background where you have previous convictions for violence.

"Irrespective of your motivation, these threats were entirely unjustified, and no doubt caused great fear to those who received them."

The sheriff then slapped Ewen, of Imrie Place in Perth, with 120 hours of unpaid work, to be completed within 12 months.

He also required him to undergo supervision for the same period, and told him: "I consider you should be monitored by the social work department."