A STALKER made his ex-partner's life a "misery" by sending her self-harm videos and creating more than 300 Snapchat accounts to message her with.

Alloa man Callum Kemp terrorised the woman so much that she even had to sign off from work because of stress.

The details of the 23-year-old's campaign of terror against the woman were read out when he appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, February 27.

Fiscal depute Susannah Hutchison said Kemp and the complainer had been together for around five years, but separated in July 2019.

He "hadn't accepted" her decision, and continued contacting her by sending texts, Snapchats, and phoning her.

Ms Hutchison said: "This was occurring on a daily basis, and would range from one or two messages to upwards of 10.

"He also phoned her, asking what she was doing, and where she was going.

"She changed her mobile phone number so the accused couldn't communicate with her.

"The accused then made [different] Snapchat accounts, changing his profile name to contact her.

"Since July 2019, the accused made upwards of 300 accounts which she had blocked.

"He sent the complainer a video whereby he was cutting his wrists with a knife, and had a knife to his throat, stating she was ruining his life."

He also repeatedly phoned her workplace and tried to tell "stories" about her to her colleagues, and she ended up having to take time off work because of stress.

This went on between July 1 and December 15 last year, until eventually the woman couldn't take it any longer and contacted police.

Kemp later pleaded guilty to stalking at an intermediate diet, and appeared for sentencing last week.

His solicitor, Kelly Howe, claimed he had been left devastated by the collapse of the relationship with the complainer.

She added that he was "desperate for her attention".

But she also noted her client was a first offender, who had issues with alcohol and cocaine misuse.

Sheriff Craig Harris said: "You have made someone's life a misery, to the extent they had to remove themselves from their work because of stress.

"I will impose a community payback order as a direct alternative to custody."

He then handed Kemp, of Paton Court, with 200 hours of unpaid work, and required him to undergo supervision for two years.

He also imposed a non-harassment order for three years, preventing Kemp from having any contact with his former partner during that period.