FARE changes are being introduced on First Bus services next weekend.

A one zone adult day ticket will go up by 10p from £5.50 while the two zone, which allows unlimited travel between Alloa and Stirling for a day, will increase by 20p, according to information from the bus operator.

It is understood young people will be best off buying a new two zone child day ticket for travel across Clacks and Stirling while the Ochils Route ticket on the First Bus mobile app, valid for the 51 and 52, will be frozen in price at £4.75 for adults and £3.15 for young people

The changes will come in on Sunday, March 15, with customers urged to use the First Bus smartphone application for the best fares and for the fastest boarding.

All of the operator's buses were recently upgraded with digital ticket machines which enable cashless payment to be made, including contactless and smartphones.

The mobile app can also be used to plan journeys and buy tickets in advance.

More than 65 per cent of all journeys are now paid for using cashless methods, according to First Bus, which is twice as fast in transaction times compared to purchasing straight from the driver.

Graeme Macfarlan, commercial director for First Midland, said: "We generally need to review our fares each year to ensure we meet the rising costs that we face as a business, but we have worked hard to keep any increases to a minimum.

"Travel by First Midland still offers great value for money.

"Our new and improved First Bus App means our customers can plan their journeys, buy their ticket and track their bus all in the one place."

Speaking of the continued increase in popularity of cashless payment methods, he added: "Our Midland Bluebird operation has seen a significant rise in digital payments in recent months, with over 65 per cent of our customers now using a cashless method.

"This shows the positive response we have had from our customers to this investment in technology and incentivising these new ways to pay are in response to consumer demand."