AN ARMY of Wee County volunteers is being enlisted to strengthen the local response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Among others, Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSi) is collaborating with groups and organisations that often provide vital services to vulnerable people in the area.

Efforts are also ongoing to assess what capacity and support exists to strengthen the local resilience.

CTSi is also helping to co-ordinate community assistance when no other help can easily be identified and to that end, Community Assistance Cards are being distributed.

These can be found at and people can fill these out to help those who are self-isolating.

It allows generous locals to offer their contact details and assistance with whatever they feel they can help with.

In a bid to “spread only kindness”, these cards advise people to avoid physical contact with those they help, keeping two metres of distance and washing their hands regularly.

Items delivered, such as shopping or other urgent supplies will be left at the doorstep.

Helpers may also be able to offer support with the posting of mail and will also be happy to simply give a friendly phone call for a chat.

Those who would like to offer their help, and anyone who is in need of assistance, can contact CTSi via, call 01259 213 840 during the day or message via the Facebook page.

CTSi will signpost people to the most appropriate organisation or group.

A number of community pages on Facebook have also sprung up.

These include Clacks Together – Coronavirus where people are already asking for help and offering assistance.

There is also the Coronavirus Clackmannanshire updates and the Clackmannanshire Online public groups where local information and assistance is being offered.

For those suffering from domestic abuse, self-isolation at home will come at an increased risk.

The local Violence Against Women partnership has pulled together a range of handy information for those who need it.

Full details are available on the Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface Facebook page and include contacts for Clackmannanshire Women’s Aid (01259 721 407).

The Police Scotland Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit is available on 01324 574 905.

Council housing teams are also available on 01259 225 115, while residents are reminded to call 999 in an emergency and 101 for all non-emergencies.