A SAUCHIE man accused of 18 offences including assault and fraud will go on trial later this month.

The 24-year-old is accused of driving off in a van in Bannockburn after lying to the vehicle's owner that he would pay him £500 on June 29 last year.

He is accused of committing three more offences, this time in Sauchie, on September 8.

These include stealing tobacco from a shop, before behaving abusively then head butting a man at the same location.

And on September 22 he is alleged to have stolen household goods from two shops in Sauchie.

The following day, he is accused of stealing two headboards from an unsecure vehicle in Sauchie, then stealing quantities of magazines and newspapers from two separate shops.

The Crown also alleges that on September 25, he committed nine offences.

These include three thefts, two instances of driving vehicles while disqualified and another two of driving without insurance, selling property dishonestly appropriated by theft, and uttering abusive, racist remarks.

The accused, who is currently in custody in relation to a separate matter, maintained his innocence during an intermediate diet at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, March 12.

As he was brought into the dock last week, he said to a reporter: "You better not be writing for the Advertiser."

He was then told by visiting Sheriff Robert Dickson that he would be brought back to court for trial on March 31.