A STALKER who terrorised his former partners and even threatened to push one of them down a flight of stairs while pregnant has been jailed.

Darren Harrison's conduct was described by a long-serving sheriff as a "persistent and unrelenting campaign" of harassment against two women.

When the 27-year-old appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, March 12, it took fiscal depute Lindsay Brooks 40 minutes to narrate the full details of his offences.

He previously pleaded guilty to two charges.

According to the first, between August 29, 2018 and May 27, 2019, at various locations, he engaged in a course of conduct which caused one of his ex-partner's fear or alarm by:

• Repeatedly shouting and swearing at her

• Repeatedly threatening to commit suicide

• Repeatedly sending her threatening and abusive mobile telephone text messages and social media messages

• Repeatedly threatening to damage her property

• Repeatedly threatening violence towards her

• Repeatedly accusing her of being unfaithful

• Repeatedly refusing to leave her home and motor vehicle when requested

• Sending her pictures of himself with another female and threatening to push her down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant

• Sending her a lengthy email threatening to commit suicide

• Stating he was watching her movements via video cameras near her home

• Repeatedly accusing her of lying

• Repeatedly monitoring her movements

• Sending a picture of a bloody and injured body part and suggesting it was his

• Making abusive remarks about members of her family and wishing them ill will

And, between April 11, 2019 and October 16, 2019, at various locations, he engaged in a second course of conduct which caused another ex-partner fear or alarm by:

• Repeatedly contacting her by email and attending at her home address – despite knowing she did not want any contact with him

• Sending her a photo by email which was of a sexual nature and threatening to send the same to her current partner

• Contacting one of her friends via Facebook and threatening to send sexual photos to the complainer's current partner

Both stalking charges were domestically aggravated.

Harrison also appeared for sentencing in relation to two other charges: one of threatening behaviour against police officers committed on October 8 last year, and another of breaching bail conditions on January 9 this year.

After the lengthy narration of the facts of the cases was read out by prosecutor Ms Brooks, defence agent Kelly Howe gave a plea in mitigation.

In relation to the stalking charges, Ms Howe claimed her client had found it "difficult to come to terms" with the end of both relationships.

She also claimed mental health issues played a role in Harrison's offending, outlining he has a history of self-harm and had been diagnosed with "mixed personality disorder".

However, she also had to address the lack of empathy Harrison had displayed towards his former partners, which was highlighted in a background report.

She said: "He requires to undertake some work in terms of victim empathy and impact."

Ms Howe noted that until his attitudes change, he was assessed as being at a "high risk" of reoffending.

She also claimed the background to the threatening behaviour charge was that he had been drinking and had a "negative reaction" towards police.

In a bid to drive home the extent of his offending, Sheriff Robert Dickson read out both stalking charges to Harrison line by line.

He added: "The complaint amounts to an extensive and unrelenting stalking campaign against two ladies, one lasting nine months and the other for six months."

The sheriff then sentenced Harrison, of no fixed abode, to a total of 14 months' imprisonment for his offences – and admonished him for the bail breach.

He also put a non-harassment order in place, preventing Harrison from contacting either of his former partners, or attempting to communicate with them, for five years.

Anyone who has experienced abuse at the hands of their partners can call the Domestic Violence Helpline for free on 0808 2000 247, or Clackmannanshire Women's Aid on 01259 721 407.

More information on the support offered by Women's Aid can be found at clackswomensaid.org.uk/support-for-women