CLACKS COUNCIL has unveiled its education plan as schools across the county close in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

It was announced this week that all schools and nurseries would close, along with the cancellation of SQA examinations.

Chief among the council's concerns has been the need to provide support for the most vulnerable children and families, the children of "key workers" and senior pupils in S4-S6.

Lorraine Sanda, the council’s head of education, said: “We are in unprecedented times and could not have predicted recent events.

"The situation has been evolving at a very fast pace and this has caused understandable concern and anxiety for parents, carers, pupils and staff. 

"Our staff are working exceptionally hard in very difficult circumstances and I know they will receive support and patience from our parents as we work through the challenges we face.” 

As a result, the following plans have been put into place:

  • Supporting key workers: In order to ensure that both national and local essential services can be delivered, the council is establishing hubs in each of the three cluster areas in Clackmannanshire to provide learning and care for nursery and school-age children and young people of key workers.  Officials will inform parents by Monday of specific arrangements including transport, where appropriate.  The provision for supporting key workers will include learning, sports and extra-curricular activities and wrap-around childcare from 8am to 6pm. 
  • Supporting families and children and young people: The hubs will also provide learning and support, including school meal provision for identified vulnerable families.  This support will continue to evolve over the course of the next week and information will be made available through a range of third sector partners and the hubs.  Additional support is being considered for children and young people with very complex additional support needs in partnership with social work and health. 
  • Online learning:  The council has been developing a unique virtual learning platform – FLIPClacks which is now “live” and provides learning opportunities for children, young people and families, including school-specific areas. The online learning space will include live classroom activities as well as lots of creative resources for parents and children.   
  • Health and Wellbeing:  There is a range of support available for families, children and young people. The “Parent Hub” on FLIPClacks provides information on services and resources and has links to local organisations that are providing help and guidance.  “Stay Connected with Clackmannanshire Education Service”  is currently being developed and updates will be posted at FLIPClacks and on the council’s own website. 

Parents, carers and pupils are asked to regularly check FLIPClacks at or the council’s own website for the latest updates.